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2, 8 pct more passengers for Brussels Airlines in March

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The number of passengers who selected Brussels Airlines grew with 2, 8 pct. in the month of March. The load factor increased with 5, 4 pct. During the entire first quarter of the year, Brussels Airlines registered a passenger growth of 4 pct. and a load factor improvement of 6, 4 points.

Exactly 458,837 passengers flew with Brussels Airlines during the month of March 2012. This is an increase with 12.426 compared to the month of March 2011. The Africa network attracted 3, 5 pct. more passengers and the European flights registered a passenger growth of 2, 7 pct.

The passenger growth resulted, together with an adaptation of the seat capacity, in a load factor improvement.

During the entire first quarter of 2012, Brussels Airlines was the airline of choice for 1,197,661 passengers. This is an increase of 4 pct. (+ 45,534) passengers compared to the first quarter of 2011. During the first three months of the year also the load factor trend evolution was positive (increase with 6, 4 pct. points).

These statistics do not include passenger figures of the charter flights operated by numerous Belgian and foreign tour operators to Mediterranean destinations.

March 2012March 2011month/month difference in percent
Passengers (x 1000)458,837446,411+2,8
Available seat-kilometres (2 dec pts.)1034,451113,74-7,1
Revenue seat-kilometres (2 dec pts.)657,89648,30+1,5
Load factor63,6%58,2%+5,4 pct points

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